Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Two and a half years later..... REALLY?

Holy crap... has it really been 2.5 years since my last post?  SOOOOOOO much has happened.  It seems like it's been a lifetime.  And well, it kinda has been.

My biggest change, you ask???? (this was the news I had talked about before).... well, here he is!

Lucas Gene!  His middle name is after my Dad's middle name.  He was born November 8, 2013.  This guy is a MESS!  He keeps me running.... constantly.  He's so fun and has spiced up my life like I never imagined.

My whole reason for living is these 3 guys!  And they are the best reason to get myself healthy.

This is my 2nd week back in the gym.  I've had some major health issues going on which I will share soon.  I'm excited to get this rolling again.  And I'm determined to make this the LAST first time back in the gym.  I am determined to get my body in the shape I've always known it could be!  I'm not happy with where I am right now, but I'm not going to get discouraged or impatient... I'm just going to do it.  I know it will take time, hard work and dedication, and I'm just going to do it.  I am excited to use this blog as a diary.  I'm hoping it will keep me accountable and motivated.  I'm stronger than I was yesterday... in more ways than just working out.

Thanks for joining me on this journey to getting my life back.

PS... I will be making some changes to the blog to update it, so thanks for your understanding!

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