Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Cleanse Wrap-Up

I finished my cleanse!  Sorry I haven't written in the past few days.  I got sick and then forgot to update my blog.  Ok.... here is my Cleanse Wrap- Up!

Day 5....
.... was on Friday... and I'm the kind of girl that loves a bottle glass of wine or a couple of beers, everyday especially on the weekends.  And I was getting ready for Liam's Christmas party on Saturday.... so I cheated!  I know, I know.  I did it to myself.  I wasn't that bad, but I did eat a couple cookies and some chocolate and maybe a couple chicken nuggets and definitely some miller lite.  But it's ok, I'll do better tomorrow.

Day 6-9
I did really well with my food.  I even threw in a few workouts.  I did get a little stomach bug, but I continued with my good eating.

Day 10 (Last Day!)
I wish I could report that I ended my cleanse with a bang... but I didn't.  :(  I was out shopping all day so I stopped and got fast food.  I did stay in my calorie count for the day... it just wasn't "cleansing food."

So the result... I LOST 5 POUNDS!   I am really happy with myself!  I know I could have probably lost more, but I am still happy with the result.  It jump started my "good eating" habits and I will continue to eat well.  Just not so strict. That's really all I have for right now. 

My opinions on the cleanse... I think it's a good way to get yourself used to eating well.  When I ate the bad food, my stomach hurt because it wasn't used to having processed foods.  It makes me not want to eat all that crap anymore.  So now I can get back on my workout routine and continue with my weight-loss journey. 

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