Friday, November 23, 2012

In The Beginning....

A little background... My Wedding

On my wedding day, I was about a size 5/7 and weighed about 130lbs.-135lbs-ish. I wanted to show you kind of where it all started.  I would be VERY happy to be this size again. (Funny though... I wasn't happy with my weight then either.)  This was in June, 2007:


A few years later... 2 years, to be exact. (June 2009).  My husband and I decided to go to France and Italy.

So, not as little as my wedding day, but I look okay, right?  You know, not skinny but not fat.... WRONG!  Would you believe that I was OBESE? 

 I had my body fat calculated not too long before this and I was considered obese.  34% of my body was fat!  I was around 145lbs, so that means 49.3lbs was fat and only 95.7lbs was muscle.  THAT'S HORRIBLE! 
I'm not trying to say I was a super model.... but do I look like the stereotypical "obese" person to you?  I was mortified and extremely upset with myself.  How could this happen?


8 weeks later... I became pregnant.  "Not a lot I could do now."  (So, I told myself).  I was working, pregnant, and just tired.  There was no way I was going to go to the gym.  So, I ate ice cream and popcorn and any other crap I could shove in my mouth.  Here I am at the end of my pregnancy. (I was a 2nd grade teacher).

 I gained 35lbs with my pregnancy.  I felt horrible. I lost 25lbs right away. But the other 15lbs stuck on.   I think I went to the gym once after I had my son, Liam.  I was too busy working and I didn't want to pick up my son from daycare and then go drop him in another daycare so I could work out.... so I didn't. 

 I started staying home with Liam in June 2011.  And that's when the GYM RAT began!!  I was on it!!  And I started seeing results...

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