Friday, November 23, 2012

And The journey Begins....

..... once again.  I have been fighting with my weight for a very long time and well.... I'M SICK OF IT!  So, what do ya say if we just fix this once and for all!!  

I got on the scale yesterday morning... Thanksgiving Morning to be exact (stupid, I know) and I couldn't BELIEVE the number that popped up.  I was just devastated. Although, by the amount of Pumpkin Butter Cheesecake I ate, you would have thought the scale said 95lbs.

So here I am.... again... starting this same fight.  But one thing is different! I WILL SUCCEED this time.  I am so incredibly motivated and I'll tell you why a little later.  I am starting this blog as a sense of accountability for myself.  If it's written down... then it has to work, right? RIGHT!

Please join me!  We succeed in numbers and together we have a great shot at actually doing it.  I am not a personal trainer or nutritionist.  I am a mom who is trying to get in shape, stay in shape and finally have her SEXY back!  I hope you will find good information here and that you will feel comfortable in sharing your ideas and success as well.  

This is my BEFORE.  I have no AFTER yet.  But I WILL... and it will be GREAT! 

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